Chef Cynthia Louise

My name is Cynthia, a proud mother to my son Jayman. He is my constant amongst all things variable.

I have spent most of my adult life watching others trying to find the right diet, the right foods and fighting for the right weight they wish they carried or un-carried. I have spent over 17 years working in health retreats and become a massive part of people’s healing transformations when it comes to what we choose to put at the end of our forks.

I’ve been a part of thousands of women's and men's cooking journeys and held their hands throughout the many years helping them understand the art of cooking plant-based recipes. By bringing the ritual of cooking plant-based meals to the humblest kitchens around the world, I have seen countless transformations and all this by simply choosing how to nourish our bodies.

My work brings light to the energy behind the recipe, as I inspire, educate and slowly guide you to transform the way you see yourself from the external to seeing your internal. I take you on a magnificent culinary journey with plants where each recipe is created with your 79 organs in mind in my kitchen studio. For this, I use real food ingredients, ingredients that are as close to nature as possible and with low human interference, and these are the ingredients that ultimately nurture and heal your gut and boost your immune system.  

How did my plant-based journey start? I was born with a heart defect and this way of eating has saved my life. While healing from a heart surgery, I was on tons of antibiotics and this destroyed the balance of my gut microbiome. It created more problems and slowed down the recovery process. Hence, My Pro-B+ was born in my kitchen. Our bodies rely on all sorts of microorganisms to keep things working and keep us healthy, and living enzymes play a part in this. They’re the bacteria that you actually want in your system. My Pro-B+ is my go-to, epic fermented spread that has not only helped keep my immune system strong but it also enriched my taste buds.

Now, in line with the healthy gut, I also created Lighten UP Loaf. It’s an easy, take-home premix seed loaf - it will take you only a couple of steps to create epic bread at home and make you feel like you're winning when it comes to baking. All you need is one bowl, one spoon, one baking tin and a little love, and then you can bake. How did I come up with it? Easy. I suck at baking! Oh yes I do! It is the art that I am yet to master. So, this is a shortcut for bread lovers who want a healthier option and yet struggle to bake the perfect “Instagram” loaf of bread!  

When you are faced with adversity, you either run or face it head on. You either leave it as it is or you innovate. I am proud to say I am the latter. That also led me to the mentoring part of my work. I love the idea that I get to share these creations with new cooks, non-cooks, friends, chefs, mums, dads and anyone else who is interested in looking after themselves without those stupid diets. I love the thought that they find their happy place in the kitchen again through me. 

I was also given the chance to partner with GENIUS U and Entrepreneurs Resorts, which led to even more opportunities to mentor young chefs. Seeing these eager people working their magic in the kitchen makes me confident that they will revolutionize their own personal health and the art of plant-based cooking, and I’m happy to be part of their journey. 

Of course, let us not leave my very own Nourish Retreat. This is such an epic gathering of people - from experienced cooks to non-cooks willing to discover the greatness of cooking and eating plant-based. It’s a joy to see the transformation of each student to a more confident cook who uses only plants in their recipes. I know that when they return to their homes, they will be proud to serve meals that nourish and heal their family’s body temple. 

I am a loving supporter of women's and men's health and optimal well-being. My ultimate aim is to help you choose the right food that will shine a bright light on your internal organs because I truly know how much YOU MATTER!

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