Nitisha Patel
Company Director, Food Consultant Research, Development & Innovation

Nitisha Patel is an award-winning chef, food consultant and company director from Wolverhampton who has dedicated her life to exploring food and flavour.

Background & Education 

From a young age Nitisha spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her Mother and Grandmother which is where her love and passion of cooking stems from. She inherited a wealth of knowledge from watching how they married flavours and ingredients together to create family favourite dishes, sometimes from the simplest of ingredients. 

Having a burning desire to learn more about the culinary world, Nitisha chose to study A level food technology in order to establish an academic background for her chosen career path. 

When the time came to go to university, Nitisha decided to further her education in food and set her sights on the globally renowned University College of Birmingham. After a 4 year degree, Nitisha graduated from the College of Food at University College Birmingham in 2011 and has a Bachelor Advanced degree in Culinary Arts Management. 


Having graduated, Nitisha worked in hospitality as a chef de partie, sous chef and kitchen manager before moving into product development for global food manufacturers. In 2012, within a year of working in product development, Nitisha was asked by supermarket giant Tesco to be the face of their ready meal campaign. 

After establishing herself in the recipe product development industry by winning sizeable business contracts for her employers, Nitisha craved to attain more personal achievements and to make a name for herself in the wider culinary world. 

In 2015 Nitisha started working on a manuscript for a recipe book to showcase her style of modern Indian cuisine. For the next 12 months, Nitisha approached multiple publishers with her manuscript only to receive rejection after rejection until London based food and lifestyle publishers, Ryland Peters & Small, gave Nitisha the opportunity of a lifetime. Nitisha’s first cookery book, My Modern Indian Kitchen launched in 2017, is available globally and can be found in high street retail book shops. 

Having launched her first cookery book, Nitisha created herself a platform to shout about her style of food and cooking. Following the success of the launch of her first book, Nitisha started to receive lots of interest from food companies reaching out for her expertise in recipe development. In 2017 Nitisha decided to go self-employed and start her own food consultancy business. As the company director of Nitisha Patel Foods Ltd, Nitisha independently runs every aspect of her business from networking, product development, menu creation, social media, admin, accounts and so much more. As well as currently launching her second cookery book, The Delicious Book of Dhal, Nitisha works with clients on a daily basis to innovate and develop first to market creations across a variety of categories from ready meals, recipe meal boxes to even restaurant menus.


In addition to her cookery books, Nitisha has numerous achievements under her belt. In 2017, Nitisha was recognised as the Black Country’s Master of Food, and was awarded as the Midlands’ Rising Star in food, drink & hospitality. Having won awards for her career as a chef, Nitisha now closely works with regional organisations and events to judge food and hospitality awards.