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25 minutes
2 hours


Ingredients checklist

Spirited Away Giant Anman

Japanese anko steamed buns

Spirited away is one of my all time favourite movies since childhood. It not only a beautiful story, the animation is beyond gorgeous. In one particular scene, the main character eats a huge Anman bun and it looked so delicious I had to recreate it!

  1. In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar and yeast in the water and milk. Then add flour and oil, and roughly combine all the ingredients together.
  2. Transfer the dough onto a working surface and knead it for about 10-15min or until it has a smooth surface and has developed strong gluten formation. Place it in a slightly oiled bowl, cover with clingfilm and let it rest for 40-60min.
  3. The dough should look a bit larger, shape the dough into a ball and flatten it slightly.
  4. Take all of the anko and roll it between your hands to make a ball and place it in the centre of the dough.
  5. Take the edges and pinch it all together to encase the filling. Make sure you don't stretch the dough out too much over the anko filling and shape it into a ball with the pinched side on the bottom.
  6. Place it on a piece of baking paper, cover it with clingfilm and let it proof for 30min.
  7. Steam it for 20min and enjoy!