About Richard Holden

I have been asked many, many times over the years, when I’m going to bring out my first book, and I feel now is the right time.

I want to show how a barbecue can be so much more than piles of burnt sausages, burgers and steaks, with chicken cooked in the oven for fear of it being undercooked, and salads and sides as an after-thought.

Researching for this project took me to many a book store, and I have to say I was quite disappointed in what was on offer. Some authors are looking to move the genre forward and reflect modern eating styles, but in the main, the recipes reflect the all too often stereotypical dishes that people have come to associate with “having a barbecue”.

Our food tastes have changed rapidly, driven by more variety in cookbooks, watching more food based TV programmes and excellent new restaurant openings. However, the barbecue food offerings haven’t caught up.

People are far more aware of sustainability and the traceability when it comes to the food they eat, to the extent that they are replacing entire meals on #MeatFreeMondays and #FishFridays to reflect this change. Vegetable dishes and flavoursome salads that really pack a punch are conspicuous in their absence from the majority of grilling books on the market and I think it’s time this changed.

One other area that really stood out for me was the lack of any information on how to control your barbecue to cook the recipes later shown in the books. How useful is it to instruct a reader to “setup their bbq for medium heat”? What is medium heat? There’s almost a lip service done to the core skills of successful outdoor cooking, and that’s one thing I intend to change in the coming pages, by showing how it is possible to control the heat in a barbecue and how using a thermometer will mean food is safely cooked every time.

It’s time to bring BBQ cuisine into the 21st century and reflect the modern style of cooking. In this ebook, I will banish outdated bbq myths that have kept our barbecue creations limited to the all too familiar burnt piles of sausages, burgers and steaks.