Thank you


Thank you

We want to say a big thank you firstly to the brilliant team at Eliane. They have seen the restaurant grow and evolve and have got through the teething problems and the successes with humour and grace. Thank you for helping us to continue to provide the kind of service our customers deserve.

To our lovely friends and families who have supported and helped us all the way. They have been our greatest champions but have also cared enough to be honest when things are not as perfect as they could be!

Every recipe has passed this test and we cannot thank them enough for making sure that we are at our best.

Finally, to our fantastic customers, thank you for talking to us, giving us feedback, making suggestions and sharing your delight when we get things right. We would be nothing without you and we value your support, please keep coming back!



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We believe that everyone should be able to eat out knowing that they are able to choose food that is right for them and is delicious and nutritious, no matter what diet they are committed to at the time. Using only the best ingredients from local sources wherever possible, Eliane creates delicious and nutritious dishes and drinks in a relaxed and welcoming setting. In short, Eliane is a place everyone has the choice to eat nutritious yet truly delicious food in a happy, friendly space.
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