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About It's in the Bag
We have created this collection to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Please share it with your friends and family - the more people who are aware of testicular cancer, the more lives we can save.

Did you know

More than 98% of men who get testicular cancer will be cured.

And if every man were to follow our advice, then together we’d have the potential to save even more lives.

Now wouldn’t that be incredible?

So, what can we do now to raise awareness of testicular cancer and get more men to do that one simple thing each month - Check their Balls?

We have joined up with Cookly Bookly to develop a conversation around food - to enable us to share our recipes, and food experiences and events with an audience of like minded people and in so doing to enable our message to reach an even wider audience.

This Collection is designed to be built by you, to enable you to

  • share your recipes so we can showcase your talent.
  • ask your favourite chef or restaurant to share their favourite recipes to help them build their customer base.
  • write about your food choices and their impact on your health
  • highlight food events in your area to reach a wider audience.

All the time we can build a comprehensive online collection for our community - a conversation around our favourite recipes and topics, available to you at any time, wherever you are.

Let's build the conversation over the dinner table, raise the IITB flag and spread the word. And most importantly, let’s save lives!