Michael Grillfun

I'm Michael and live in Breda (the Netherlands). For almost three years I have been sharing my passion for barbecuing on Instagram under the name @Grillfun. I receive a lot of questions about the recipes I make so I started blogging about a year ago and the website www.grillfun.nl was created.

In my blogs I try to convey my enthusiasm to my followers by giving my honest opinion about how I experience my many food and bbq adventures. The goal is always to review a product as broadly as possible so that readers have the knowledge to make the right choice for themselves. My recipes can be made on any barbecue and by everyone, whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

Step by step, I will take you through the preparation of how I make the dish. My recipes are written with serving tips and almost always suggest a suitable paired wine or beer. Grillfun stands for BBQ recipes for everyone. They must be accessible to everyone by applying ingredients that are easily available. My goal is to make complete meals on the barbecue and make use of charcoal barbecues. You will also find recipes made over a fire or in a Dutch Oven. My passion is cooking outside and I am always open to all means that can be applied. I prefer to barbecue for a group of people at my home and this is the ideal way to share my passion with my guests by serving them something they don't expect. Like most bloggers, blogging is a hobby that I like to share with everyone and hope to inspire people.