Jemma Watts Photography
Professional Food Photographer

As a food photographer for over 15 years, I have worked with some of the top chefs, cookbook and magazine publishers, and food producers in the industry, including Jamie Oliver and Jamie Oliver Magazine, Sophie Wright, Gok Wan (yes I know he is known for fashion but he's also the author of a couple of cookbooks and is a very good cook!), Tilly Ramsay, Penguin Books, Kyle Books, Hodder & Stoughton, Quintet Books, Olive magazine, Waitrose Kitchen... and many more. I also shoot for branding agencies, PR and Marketing agencies. Please visit my website to see examples of my work.

I love to tell a story with my images, and I'm happiest when documenting interesting food stories. This could be detailed images of where the food is grown / farmed, the person growing / farming it, and all the processes until it ends up on our plates or in our larders! Equally, the subject could simply be the dish but I tell the story with the styling and composition. I'm looking forward to sharing these techniques with you here on this website.

One of my passions is teaching people how to take better photographs either with a camera or a mobile phone. I run webinars and workshops (only online at the moment due to Covid 19) for total beginners and for those wanting to take their photography to a higher level. Please keep an eye out as I will be promoting these on the Cookly Bookly website. I am confident that I can help you to improve your photographic skills and by putting these lessons into practice, you will produce those mouth-watering images of your food!