Mahali and Co

Our business is an independent collaboration between two partners, Ru-Yan and Miguel, who are pastry chefs originally from Sydney. With a combined 17 years of industry experience working across food establishments in London, Singapore, the Philippines, Sydney and Melbourne, we founded our company in the UK in 2019 and are excited to work towards our first retail venture. 

Our food is a labor of love and our goal is to evoke a memorable, new experience from the first bite. We want to diversify London’s baking culture to reflect its multicultural community by embracing our own cultural backgrounds which have influenced our palettes. Inspired by our love for pastry and a shared passion for experimentation, we aim to provide a fresh take on all pastries by introducing unique flavor combinations. 

We want to create a space where people can find the finest pastries, sourdough bread, venoisserie and condiments all made freshly in-house – ultimately, everything you need for the perfect breakfast, with a twist. So, if you’re ready and willing, hit the follow and like button and join us on this hungry journey. 

Meet Ru-Yan: 

Ru-Yan’s love of baking inspired her to take a leap of faith from a career in medicine to embark on a journey into the world of pastry. 

Born in Sydney, raised in Shanghai and having studied and worked in London and Singapore, Ru-Yan is a citizen of the world. Her love for traveling and adventurous approach to food (try everything at least once!) drives her passion to share her personal cultural experiences with others through pastry. 

After graduating at the top of her class at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, she trained and worked with Janice Wong of 2AM Dessert Bar, Yotam Ottolenghi, Carmen Hernandez from The Fat Duck by Heston, Donato Toce from Gelato Messina, the Four seasons Group and the Langham Sydney. 

Meet Miguel: 

Having grown up in the Philippines, Miguel has always felt at home in the kitchen and his creative instincts and inspirations for sweet treats are linked to his childhood roots. 

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, Miguel’s acquired years of experience working alongside Adriano Zumbo, Peter Gilmore, Pete Evans and Tom Eadie of Berkelo propelled him through the ranks, eventually becoming Head Pastry Chef at the Langham Sydney. During his time at the Langham, chief restaurant critic of the Sydney Morning Herald, Terry Durrack, pay tribute to his creativity and described one of Miguel’s creations as the dish he would return to the restaurant for. 

Miguel brings constant laughter to those around him. He excels under pressure and feels most alive when creating food. 

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