Nicole Vittoria

Hello lovelies, I am Nicole Vittoria. My name has an important significance because it means Vittoria twice (Nike – and Nicole by extension - in Greek means victory!) and so I hope that through my recipes and my big passion for food I will be your double victory in the kitchen. 

I understand that cooking can seem a very frightening thing to try. In Italy food is deeply rooted in our culture and so we know a thing or two about it. Italian cuisine is very well known but I feel like not many know or understand the tradition and the importance that every recipe carries for us. I wish to show you how simple Italian cuisine is and what a good friend it can be in your kitchen, even if you don’t feel very comfortable with it. 

My biggest goal is to teach about traditional Italian cuisine and this will be the purpose of my blog. Many of the recipes I will be presenting to you are traditional and have been carefully researched because I respect the tradition of food and its history. By sharing them I hope that you will be able to care a little bit about them as well, not to mention that it makes for great conversation when you share these meals with your loved ones. But still, I want cooking to be fun! I also hope that these recipes I am putting forth allow you to interpret them, and with the knowledge of the tradition at your fingertips, you will always be free to make some changes that make the recipe better for you, which is exactly why cooking is so entertaining and therapeutic. I hope you can appreciate all the richness that food brings to the table.

I wish you all the best in your kitchen adventures!

A big kissy kiss,

Nicole Vittoria

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