Valentine's Day Beef Wellington

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and for those out there who are romantically inclined, no doubt you are frantically working out what to do right now. Do you go to the local bistro and pay over the odds to share an overdone chateaubriand and overpriced bottle of plonk - with every other Tom, Dick and Harry? Do you try and think outside the box and organise a firework display, with full blown orchestral manoeuvres, to declare your unrequited love? Or do you try to go all out and cook something rather special at home?

Do you think about it all? It's tough. Valentine's Day isn't for everyone of course.

However, if your brain is scrambling and if you are looking to do something that symbolises devotion, dedication and hard work. A true labour of love in other words. Then you should go for a Beef Wellington.

All the way.

A showstopper in its own right, this luxurious approach to beef fillet is not one for the faint hearted and some recipes can over-complicate what is already a tricky dish. This approach (which admittedly borrows from various sources, including our own recipe) aims to keep things simple.

Really simple.

All that is really needed here is time and patience. Along with a keen eye on keeping things clean and dry. Oh and you're going to need a lot of clingfilm.

Get it right and the combination of soft, yielding beef, cooked rare - and encased in a rich blanket of mushroom duxelle, spinach and cured ham, and then wrapped further in flaky, shop-bought puff pastry - will have your betrothed swooning all over the shop.

Unless you get a soggy bottom of course. Which would never go down well on Valentines Day...

Recipe: Beef Wellington