Video Chats and Corned Beef

Video Chats and Corned Beef


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Did you know it was National Corned Beef Day on Monday? Although the day has passed, I feel it still deserves a mention.

Corned Beef hash is a great way to clean out the fridge or use up leftovers. Different bits of veg, such as peppers, onions and potatoes, are chopped up and mixed with corned beef, fried or baked to form a nice crust. Popular in America for breakfast topped with a couple of fried eggs or sunny side up eggs.

Corned beef hash was introduced to the United States in the 1950s. But apparently, the earliest printed recipe dates back to 1943. It became popular in World War II when meat was limited due to rationing. Although it has been said that the dish is even older.

Regardless of when or where the dish originated from it’s still as popular to this day! So in the spirit of corned beef, here are a few recipes to get your taste buds racing.

First off @homecookgeek recipe for Who-Hash.

What about @s4shan Irish Corned Beef, perfect for this time of the year. 

Or why not try it in a pie like @foodiegeektrish with her Corn Beef Pie?


Marc Pugh also known as @thefoodiefootballer is not only a passionate cook but he’s also a professional footballer. So, as you can imagine, a healthy diet and keeping in shape is a massive part of his life.

Marc’s recipes are all about using whole foods and avoiding processed foods as much as possible. As an athlete, the food he eats is essential not just for his professional career but his personal life. It’s all about making healthy nutritional food that makes you feel good but without sacrificing flavour.

So I have chosen a few recipes that will have you wanting more and have you match fit ready.

Sunday Slow Roast Leg of Lamb, get it in the oven in the morning low and slow, leaving you the afternoon to relax and maybe watch some football.

How about a cheeky fakeaway on a Friday night with Marc’s Duck breast served with Chinese style wholewheat noodles?

And we’ve got to have something sweet. Healthy Caramel Slices perfect after a kick around.


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