Gas Barbecues

Gas Barbecues 

The gas barbecue came along in the 1970s and has been dubbed “the cheats barbecue!” To my mind, it concerns me less what fuel your barbecue uses than it does how easy it fits into your lifestyle and how often you’re using it. 

Gas barbecues generally have a lid, and the cook box can be mentally divided by the number of dials / burner tubes. Grilling, roasting, smoking, and low ‘n’ slow cooking is achieved in the same way as on a charcoal barbecue, as is temperature regulation. 

It is possible to smoke with wood chips on a gas barbecue, but more of that in the smoking section on page 30. 

Gas barbecues, running on propane, are a better choice for the simple reason that the gas can maintain a head of pressure during the colder days, which we get enough of here in the UK. Butane barbecues will struggle on cooler days but don’t go changing your regulators folks or you could invalidate warranties. The best thing to do is to buy a barbecue that runs on propane gas to begin with. 

*Always follow manufacturer’s instructions. 

Gas fuel setup

The following diagrams show a variety of ways to setup your gas barbecue. Master these individual cooking methods and it will expand your barbecue repertoire, opening up a whole new world of delicious recipes.