Cooking doesn't stop for Covid
Cooking doesn't stop for Covid
.....and neither does Cancer

Many chefs and enthusiastic amateurs have seen increased interest in their recipes from a population seeking inspiration and guidance during lockdown. We all need to eat so cooking never stops! And Cookly Bookly has pulled together so many great chefs to help us all find new ways to feed the family.

What also doesn't stop is Cancer.

The impact that Covid has had is significant:

  • Up to 35,000 more cancer deaths.
  • 55,000 extra Brits are waiting to have key checks.
  • 23,000 cancers weren't discovered in lock-down.

As the need for charity services increases, our fundraisers haven’t been able to complete their planned marathons, hold bake sales, or hold events they had planned for months. This means we have to do more, with less. You can change that. With your help, the 20 for 20 charities can keep providing vital guidance and support, which is needed now more than ever.

And you can help in two key ways :

  • Support those fund raising for charity.
  • Bite the bullet and join in with a fund raising activity of your own by going to the 20for20 website.

We continue to do all we can to raise awareness of testicular cancer and to support those who are affected - remember that 98% of those affected will be cured, particularly if diagnosed early.

We are all volunteers, so our time and effort is given for nothing. There are, however, elements of the support that we offer that require funding and we are hugely grateful to all who are able to help us in this way.

Thank you