Pellet fuel BBQ

Pellet barbecues are gaining ground on the very well- established gas and charcoal market with a few brands currently available on the UK market at varying price points. One of the things I love about this style of barbecue is how your food is cooked in an environment that is heated by 100% wood product. Unlike cooking with some charcoal fuels, there is no doubt of the purity of heat and smoke that comes with cooking on a wood pellet barbecue. 

Pellet or wood-fired barbecues, are designed with heat distribution in-mind and with the exception of cooking at high temperatures, the majority of the cooking surface is a natural roasting heat, which is perfect for low ‘n’ slow, braising or roasting. Onboard temperature control units make heat regulation as easy as turning a dial, and these barbecues can go from the low 100s for low ‘n’ slow all the way to over 275℃ for your everyday grilled foods. 

As a single unit they often deliver the capability of a dedicated smoker, with the flavour of a charcoal barbecue and the controllability of a gas barbecue. I do love my pellet barbecue! 

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