Books, Snacks & Goals!

Books, Snacks & Goals!


CooklyBookly’s goal is to offer “everything you need under one roof” to culinary influencers. After reviewing our product roadmap we have been talking to many of our creators and floated the idea of offering printed cookbooks to accompany their digital content, and the idea has been very well received.

As you may know, CooklyBookly already offers “Collections”, which are essentially digital cookbooks. So, it is a short step for us to offer hard-copy equivalents that take your digital content and feed it directly into physical books.

What do I need to know?

  • It doesn’t cost you a penny - up-front or later.
  • You receive a royalty each time a book is purchased.
  • Books can be printed on-demand at a location near the buyer and then shipped directly to the customer.
  • Because you avoid large print runs, you can update your book at short notice without having to use up or waste unsold copies.
  • … and you can quickly create new books at the drop of a hat based on different groupings of your CooklyBookly content.

Interested in being an early adopter?

We’re currently in the process of planning this and anticipate having the platform ready for testing with a limited number of early adopters in August/September 2021.

If you’d like to take part, please email us.


We are in the middle of the EURO 2020 and the majority of the nation are sitting in their living rooms glued to the TV. Shouting in celebration and in disbelief as they watch their favourite country compete. Hoping and praying that they bring home the trophy.

Football goes hand-in-hand with food and drinks, whether you are sitting in a pub watching the match or in the living room. So we have chosen a few snacks for you to enjoy while you watch your team play.

Get your chops around @intheonewhocooks's Smash Patty Burgers and Homemade Burger Sauce.

A burger would not be complete without fries and @thefoodiefootballer’s Not So Dirty Fries are incredible.

Get finger licking your way through the match with @sanjcook’s addictive Tandoori Chicken Wings & Apple Mint Chutney.

Forget about pork ribs @homecookgeek’s Corn Ribs will have you begging for more.


Mike’s food blogging journey started back in 2015 when he could officially add the “Papa” onto his title, but his love for cooking and food, in general, has always been there. The fridge is still the first thing he visits when he goes to see his parents, and now the tables are turning on him!

Mike’s recipes are the results of a lot of experimentation, many MANY failures and last-minute calls for takeout. On his profile, you’ll find something for everyone, even the fussiest eating kids.

Golden rules are: don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt what you see here. There will be times you mess up, but that’s okay! Just get rid and maybe don’t post it online lol… And be sure to let @papamikeskitchen know how you get on with his recipes. 

Some of our favourite @papamikeskitchen recipes include: 

Fajita Garlic Buns - Spicy shredded fajita chicken inside a sweet soft white roll...oh...and covered in garlic butter!

Sriracha Fried Chicken - Fried crispy chicken coated in a honey and sriracha sauce. What's not to like?!

Mongolian Beef - Absolute umami heaven! 


We are looking at introducing you lovely lot to our Instagram feed. So if you're not shy, strike a pose, smile and email us your photo for us to share.

Sat in a beach front restaurant on holiday, in the kitchen cooking, sat in the garden enjoying a drink or a funny photo, whatever you think would work best. Feel free to be a creative as you want! But please remember the main part of the photo needs to be visible in a square Instagram image.

That's it for now, stay safe and happy cooking!

Richard Rodriguez

Community Manager