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Blogs & Sandwiches!


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IT'S PICNIC WEEK19th - 27th June 2021

Dig out the big blanket, dust off the picnic basket, it’s al fresco time. 

Picnicking became popular in the 18th century among the aristocracy. They would enjoy a summer meal outdoors in beautiful surroundings - a lake, park or somewhere with nice views. A picnic would also usually go hand in hand with some sort of public event, like an open-air theatre performance. Now, over 150 years on, we still love sitting on a blanket, nibbling on an assortment of yummy goodies, and spending time with people we love.

A picnic can be a romantic affair with a loved one on a secluded beach, with smoked salmon, champagne and a surprise proposal. A gathering of friends where everybody brings a little something to enjoy in a park. Or a fun afternoon in the garden for kids, with jam sandwiches, crispy, cupcake, lemonade and games.

Regardless of where you have your picnic the most important thing is to have an abundance of different tasty food, drinks and lots of fun! So here are a few ideas to help you get on your way.

Give that classic Scotch egg a twist with @cookwithjopratt's Seafood Scotch Eggs recipe.

No picnic would be complete without a good tart and @recipebreakout's Tomato, Anchovies and Feta Tart is a stunner.

Everyone will be fighting over @papamikeskitchen‘s Gochujang Sausage Rolls.

And a must-have at any picnic is a good old pasta salad. @myfoodjen’s Orzo & Basil Salad is a knockout!

Find even more inspirational picnic ideas click here for more #picnic recipes.


The weather has been so up and down lately. Thankfully, the same can’t be said for the quality of content published on CooklyBookly! We’ve been drooling over your recipes. Some of our favourites include @vernahungrybanana’s Vegan Tofu Nuggets and @keithcooks_’s Fish Tacos, but our ultimate highlight this week is @spencooks’ Nectarine and Almond Butter Galette.

It’s a super simple galette recipe, using creamy almond butter as the base. Spencer’s used white nectarines, but the recipe would also work great with peaches or plums! She’s included a recipe for the galette dough, but store-bought puff pastry will work fine too.


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Richard Rodriguez

Community Manager