The Luther Vandross

The Luther Vandross by Kung Fu BBQ

On first glance, you have to admit, this does look like a damn good burger. The patty itself is a White Label Burger, currently only available via our UK Ex-Dairy 'Taster' Box - made from a secret blend of aged cuts and sourced from happy, retired cows. There is a handsome amount of melted cheese, which could be that really naughty cheese - you know the one. And on top of that, well, we have insider knowledge that this is homemade streaky bacon, oak smoked by the owner and chef.

Just three components. But just by looking at it, you know that is going to take you on a one-way trip to flavour town, don't you.

However, take a look at the bun.

This is where the needle comes scratching off the record. For Nathan aka Kung Fu BBQ has done something rather...different here.

He has used a Krispie Kreme doughnut.

Now when it's comes to burgers, here at Turner & George, we are always up for the daring and the new, the adventurous and the innovative, the brave and the bold. Hell, just mention the word 'burgers' and we'll come running.

Yet when we saw this appear on the horizon, it did stop us in our tracks somewhat. In fact, it really needed some careful thought and consideration. So a special T&G group email was sent out, titled - 'SWEET JAYSUS, HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT SOMEONE HAS DONE WITH OUR BURGERS?'

The responses came back thick and fast, and to be honest, were quite mixed:

James - 'Ah man, I dunno if I could take a burger that far.'

Mat - 'I need to find out if we've got a spare spot for this guy at Meatopia!'

Richard - 'Yeah, I've seen this before in the States. Not sure I'd want to ruin good meat like that though.'

Sophie - 'It's a no from me. That is sacrilege really.'

Tom - 'I'd eat it.'

Personally, I definitely want to give it a go and bolstered by an online survey, where a staggering 79% of customers said they would give it a go, I decided to reach out to the man himself.

The method is as follows and we'd love to know what you think - would you give the Luther Vandross a go?

Oh and why is it called a 'Luther'? Apparently, it was a favourite recipe, dreamed and enjoyed up by the legendary soul singer of the same name.

Please bear in mind though, he died at the age of 54. So we'd also like to reinforce our policy here - make sure you eat quality meat, and always in moderation.

Recipe: The Luther Vandross

Richard H. Turner is an acclaimed restaurateur with an unwavering passion for food. James George is a man who knows and loves his trade – he’s a keen advocate of traditional cutting methods and butchery. Together, they formed Turner & George to bring back to the high street the same quality and consistency of meat found in Richard’s kitchens.
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