Cheeky Masala Dubba

Cheeky Masala Dubba

The perfect Masala Dubba for curry in a hurry

My Cheeky Masala Dubba

This is an extra little Masala Dubba I have at home. It is full of spices that are great for making quick curries. Making a good base for a curry takes time and sometimes you just don't have it, so this little tool kit allows you to skip a few steps so that you can make great curries really quickly .

Click here to see my video about my cheeky Masala Dubba.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds have a very strong smell and taste. They are often confused with caraway seeds when looked at although the smell is very different. They have a slightly hot, bittersweet taste.

Brown Mustard Seeds 

These really pack a punch. They add a really nutty heat and richness to any Indian dish.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds add a hint of sweet aniseed and liquorice flavour to dishes.

Red Chilli flakes 

Chilli flakes are spicy and peppery and perfect when you want to add heat without masking any other flavours.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric has a deep golden colour. Turmeric is not used to colour dishes as people may think. It has a very tart, musky flavour, which gives off gingery aromas. It shouldn’t be overused as it can be overpowering.

Nigella Seeds

These are hard, crunchy little seeds that give an onion flavour to your dish

Fenugreek leaves

These are dried fenugreek leaves that need to be rehydrated in warm water. They give a nutty and sweet flavour which is similar to maple.

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Anjula Devi

A respected food writer and author, Anjula started cooking with her father at the age of eight. At that time the ingredients for Indian cuisine were not as readily available as they are now and Anjula travelled on the number 207 bus with her father to Shepherd’s Bush Market where they would buy a selection of spices, fresh fish and Indian vegetables. ​​ Utilising her cookery skills and passion for spices, Anjula launched her own business in 2010, Anjula Devi Authentic Indian Food, providing Indian dinner parties and Indian cookery classes. Anjula has created a range of authentic recipes for Manchester United, arguably the biggest football club in the world, where she is a consultant chef. A Brand Ambassador for TRS Foods, the world’s largest Indian food company, Anjula has also launched her own brand, Route 207, inspired by the bus route she used to take to the spice market.
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