Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s only 31 more sleeps till the big man in red makes appearances, but for our friends in America, it’s only 1 more sleep till Thanksgiving!

The first Thanksgiving occurred in the 16th century. In 1620, the Native Americans showed the pilgrims how to grow food and hunt so they could survive the harsh winter. By the autumn of 1621, the pilgrims had enough food to see them through the coming winter. So, to give thanks to the Native Americans, they threw a 3-day harvest feast. This meal is thought to be the first-ever Thanksgiving meal. 

Since then, friends and families have been gathering together to give thanks and enjoy some beautiful food. To celebrate this national holiday, we have selected a few recipes for you to check out.

How about @blewsfoods Thanksgiving Croquettes

No Thanksgiving would be complete without some of @dolly_olly_oxenfree Dolls Sweet Potatoes.

And of course, we have to have a turkey recipe. Check out @sandeep_cooks brined Roast Turkey.


Adriana’s (Aka @adrianapaolella) passion for teaching and cooking combine in her love of all things food and life. She blogs easy and simplified recipes to help teach everyone that, with a bit of passion, they can become a chef at home.

Adriana has professional experience as a teacher, which has helped her combine her passion for helping others and cooking as she outlines recipes in easy to follow steps. She has worked with many international companies to create and test recipes using their products while taking mouth watering shots along the way.

She has so many amazing, simple recipes. Some of our favourites include:

S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies

Enjoy the taste of ooey gooey s’mores even without the campfire. These cookies require few ingredients and can be put together in no time. Bring them to your next gathering to ensure smiles all around. They also freeze well, that is, if they make it to the freezer.

Mini Beef Wellingtons

This is the ultimate hosting dish. You can prepare it ahead of time and bake just before serving and modify it to make a large roast if you want too. No matter how or when you make it, taste and quality ingredients will make this a win-win choice. 

Creamy Salmon Pasta

This pasta is everything on a weeknight or even weekend lunch. It has the right amount of creaminess and freshness all combined in one dish. Don’t overcook the salmon or the cream or it will ruin the dish. 

That's it for now, stay safe and happy cooking!

Richard Rodriguez

Community Manager