How to prepare Lobster

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For a Nathan Outlaw signature dish that uses a lobster prepared with this method, see Nathan’s Lobster risotto with orange, basil and spring onion.


  1. Preparing and humanely killing the lobster
  2. Removing the claws and tail
  3. Keep the head for stocks and soups. You will be keeping the shells as well for the same purpose once you've removed the flesh.
  4. The importance of adding plenty of salt to the water


To fully cook the claws takes about 5 or 6 minutes. However, if you are going to cook to the lobster further in your dish, as opposed to eating it immediately after cooking, you want to cook it just enough to release the meat from the shell. This is about 2 minutes for the claws and 1 minute for the tail.

Cracking, picking and finishing

  1. Extracting the meat from the claws and why it's important to remove the meat while the claws are still quite hot
  2. Picking the meat from the shells with the handle of a teaspoon
  3. Removing the flesh from the tail
  4. Removing the intestine
  5. Cutting the tail into segments (if required)
  6. All done! and please don't throw away the shells!

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Originally from Kent, Nathan now calls Cornwall home and is a proud ambassador of all things Cornish. After attending college he worked in London, but his love for seafood cookery ignited when moving to Cornwall to work with Rick Stein.

Nathan has two restaurants in Cornwall, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw and Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen in Port Isaac.

Interested in the education and training of young chefs, Nathan often gives his time to work alongside them and with those offering training provision in the industry. He is also in demand at conferences both in the UK and abroad, where his expertise and knowledge in seafood is greatly valued.

Nathan has written five successful cookery books; ‘British Seafood’, Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen’, Everyday Seafood’ and ‘Home Kitchen’. His latest book, ‘Restaurant Nathan Outlaw’ was published in April 2019.

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