Stuffing and tying a deboned chicken

by Tom Hill, Head Butcher at Turner & George

Once you have mastered the process of deboning a chicken, you can either cooked it as it is or you can stuff , roll and tie it ready for the oven. It's a great way of introducing flavour and it's really easy to carve, plus it looks great at the table.

If you want to learn how to use a slip knot, like I do, watch this video . Slip knots work best when tying meat as you can tighten them with one hand.

Richard H. Turner is an acclaimed restaurateur with an unwavering passion for food. James George is a man who knows and loves his trade – he’s a keen advocate of traditional cutting methods and butchery. Together, they formed Turner & George to bring back to the high street the same quality and consistency of meat found in Richard’s kitchens.
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