Creating a pocket in a chicken breast for stuffing (Kiev)

by Tom Hill, Head Butcher at Turner & George

There is something rather satisfying when you cut into a chicken Kiev and all that garlic butter oozes out, but there is nothing more annoying than loosing half of the butter when you either bake or deep fry them. The butter usually escapes for two reasons. The pocket in which you place the butter was not created properly and / or the Kiev was not coated in breadcrumbs well enough. The video below will show you how to create the pocket and use the "mini" fillet of the chicken breast to seal the butter in.

This technique can be used for other flavourings too, even if it is just a little mozzarella and basil.

Watch the complete video below or jump straight to a point of interest.

  1. Remove the inner filet
  2. Remove the skin (if you are going to coat the chicken)
  3. Cut a pocket into the breast
  4. Flatten the inner filet
  5. Stuff with you herb butter (or whatever else takes your fancy)
  6. Cover with the flattened inner filet and place thin filet down ready for cooking

Important: if you're going to deep fry your Kiev, you can pin the inner filet to the breast with a couple of tooth picks to hold it together as an insurance policy.