Recommendations, Facebook and Pies!

Recommendations, Facebook and Pies!


Recommendations is a brand new feature that allows CooklyBookly creators to collaborate directly with brands, negotiate terms and get paid on time. All handled by the CooklyBookly platform.

Recommendations, an elegant popup on profile and content pages, offers a superior experience for the brand as well as the influencer. Rather than a simple promoted post or swipe up, creators post the organic content their followers want to see on social media. Followers click on the link in bio to CooklyBookly and are then shown any recommendations you are running.

The creator and the brand can agree on a duration of days or weeks where the recommendation should be shown. This means the brand gets attention over the agreed period of time rather than one time only.

To find out about the many advantages and details on how it works, click here.


We recommend that you post to all the social media channels you’re active on. Many of our authors use Instagram but Facebook can also help grow your brand, drive traffic to your CooklyBookly content, and increase your earnings. In fact, it can outperform Instagram because you can include clickable links to your CooklyBookly content in your posts.

A single recipe can reach thousands upon thousands of people from all across the world with the power of sharing. That’s why it’s important to capitalise on every piece of content you post. You never know which will go viral next and drive your CooklyBookly views through the roof. To make sure you get the most out of your post. follow the simple steps we call BICAS.

B: Bio.

I: Image.

C: Caption.

A: Action.

S: Stories.

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Who doesn’t love a good pie?! They’re so versatile! They can be sweet, savoury or somewhere in the middle. Some are made with puff pastry, others shortcrust pastry, and others phyllo pastry. And then we’ve got shepherd’s pies, cottage pies and fish pies... Are they really pies if they don’t have a crust? How about quiches - do they count as pies?

While we might not all agree on what exactly constitutes a pie, I’m sure we can all agree that pies in whatever form are delicious! Here are some of our favourites.

@papamikeskitchen’s Chipotle Steak Pie A spicy twist on a classic steak pie.

@jonwatts88’s Mojito Pie The classic cocktail turned into a delicious and zesty pie. A perfect addition to any food spread this summer.

@_foodislifeandlove_’s McDonald’s Apple Pie Why go to McD's when you can make it at home!

@jonshomekitchen’s Mississippi Mud Pie This has different layers of flavours and textures which Jon feels is a slightly more refined Mississippi mud pie than others he’s eaten. Every bite makes you want to come back for more (a win in his book).


We are looking at introducing you lovely lot to our Instagram feed. So if you're not shy, strike a pose, smile and email us your photo for us to share.

Sat in a beach front restaurant on holiday, in the kitchen cooking, sat in the garden enjoying a drink or a funny photo, whatever you think would work best. Feel free to be a creative as you want! But please remember the main part of the photo needs to be visible in a square Instagram image.

That's it for now, stay safe and happy cooking!

Richard Rodriguez

Community Manager