Spice guide

Spice guide

The importance of the Masala Dubba

The Masala Dubba

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Every Indian household will have a Masala Dubba. It’s a traditional spice tin or box that holds all the spices used to create great Indian dishes. It’s almost impossible to create authentic curries without one. 

With the exception of turmeric, the Masala Dubba will contain whole spices. I think it’s best to buy spices whole because -

  • Pre-ground spices rapidly lose their depth of flavour.
  • You can’t tell the quality once they are ground. A whole spice can’t be adulterated whereas ground spices are sometimes bulked out.
  • When you buy whole spices and grind them yourself you can control how finely you grind them. My father firmly believed that spices should not be too finely ground so that you can taste every spice individually. 

My 3 Masala Dubbas

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Every households Masala Dubba will be slightly different depending on their preferred spice combinations and where they originate from. I have three Masala Dubba and divide them into 2 main ones, as this helps people understand how to use the spices and a cheeky third.

They are

  1. Key Spice Masala Dubba - key spices provide the main, predominant flavour to your dish. These spices can be added at the beginning of cooking as they hold their flavour.
  2. Warming Spice Masala Dubba - warming spices, also known as finishing spices, provide a warmth and depth of flavour. These spices are added towards the end of cooking as they loose their flavour quite quickly.
  3. Cheeky Masala Dubba - for curries in a hurry.