We are eggcited about our App!

We are eggcited about our App!


All CooklyBookly creators post on social media. They want their followers to be able to click on the link in bio to view their recipes without having to install an App first. That’s why we started with the web version. 

Now that we have released our App, our users have the best of both worlds. The browser version is great for quick and easy access while the App is perfect for regular CooklyBookly users who want notifications and other App-specific features.

Now that CooklyBookly has both versions, you can be sure that we will continue to regularly enhance both versions with new features to give the best possible experience to everyone.

To download the iOS app, click here

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WORLD EGG DAY! Friday 8th October 2021

Did you know that there was such a thing as World Egg Day? Well, there is! I’m not yolking around, and I’m so eggcited about it.

This event was hatched in Vienna back in 1996. A day to celebrate all things wonderful about this protein-packed, self-contained super food. Eggs are loved the world over, especially at breakfast time or lunch. Fried, boiled, poached or scrambled, I'll take any, thank you. Just in the UK alone, we eat 36 million eggs each day.

In honour of the eggs-quisite egg, I have chosen a few recipes that you can get cracking on with.

Let’s start things off with breakfast, and how do we make fried eggs ever better? Do what @healthyfitbella and make Pesto Eggs.

Next, lunch. How about @ellie.eatseverything Turkish Eggs with yoghurt and a spicy sauce?

If you fancy a little snack before dinner then check @divachef412 Curry Deviled Eggs.

And finally for dinner, let's go with @chefnormanmusa Chickpeas, Egg & Kale Curry.

One final thing, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Neil deGrasse Tyson has the answer check out this video.


Chocolate cake, fruit cake, lemon cake, cheesecake any cake with a cup of tea or coffee and it’s a good day. Even fish cakes but maybe not with a brew hahaha. Me personally, I’m partial to any type of citrus cake or even a beautiful carrot cake. Now although I don’t like baking myself and I never do, I do like to eat baked goods.

Luckily our amazing content creators do like to bake and have uploaded lots of tasty treats for you to choose from. We even have an All About Cake post from Becky Wilkinson with everything you need to know about cakes.

Let’s start things off with MasterChef 2016 Champion @janecdevonshire beautiful Chocolate Whoopie Cakes.

I said I like citrus cakes and @zarskitchen Warm Spiced Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake has got me begging.

And we cant talk about cakes and not have a chocolate one. Check out this Chocolate Olive Oil Fondant from @dulcisinfundo.


We are looking at introducing you lovely lot to our Instagram feed. So if you're not shy, strike a pose, smile and email us your photo for us to share.

Sat in a beachfront restaurant on holiday, in the kitchen cooking, sat in the garden enjoying a drink or a funny photo, whatever you think would work best. Feel free to be a creative as you want! But please remember the main part of the photo needs to be visible in a square Instagram image.  

That's it for now, stay safe and happy cooking!

Richard Rodriguez

Community Manager