Let's Make Some Dough!

Let's Make Some Dough!


We’d like to tell you about 3 features you can find in both the CooklyBookly App and the web version. 

Notification Center 

This organizes event notifications by category and lets you manage which events you want to receive push notifications for. Currently, supported event categories are new followers, comments, likes, content published by creators you follow and system notifications.

You can access the Notification Center from the top bar in the browser or … button in the App toolbar.

Comments and likes 

These don’t need much of an explanation. We encourage everyone to use both of these features now that they are fully available. The comment and like buttons can be found on the floating toolbar at the bottom of the content page.


Let’s make some serious dough! I don’t mean pizza or bread dough. I mean the kind of dough that jingles and folds, the kind of dough that helps you continue to create your content.

At CooklyBookly, we want to see you do well and be rewarded for all your efforts. Why? Because we are passionate about food, especially yours. That’s why we give you all the tools you need to be able to monetise your content in lots of different ways.

As creators, you put in so much time, effort, hard work and money into creating beautiful content for your followers. You do this because you get pleasure in seeing your followers enjoy your content. But followers don’t see the hard work that goes into creating content. They only see the final product or the free gift you have received and nothing else. Almost like watching your favourite TV show - you don’t see all the mechanics that go on behind the cameras, to make the show; you only see the final product.

That's why we offer different monetisation tools to help you get the most out of your content:

1. Subscriptions - offering subscribers that little bit extra. 

2. Books - publish your very own cookbook for free directly from CooklyBookly!

3. Brand partnerships - brands can pay you to be featured on your profile and across your content (coming soon).

4. Merch - become the owner of your very own online 24/7 shop (coming soon).

5. Support Me - let your followers support you with one-off or a recurring monthly payments (coming soon).


Meet Chef Ben Churchill! Aka the Food Illusionist. Ben loves creating desserts that push the boundaries of perception. His recipes are accessible and achievable to everyone, from the home cook to the professional. Here are some of our favourites.

The raw chicken breast dessert.

It'll take some bravery to eat this one! If there is one food that is guaranteed to make anyone feel uneasy, it's raw chicken. Everyone knows not to eat raw poultry, to always wash their hands after touching it. With this dessert, Ben wanted to play on that unease, and reward the diner for putting trust in the recipe. If they can overcome everything they know about raw chicken, they get to enjoy the beautiful creaminess of this milk jelly, with just the right sweetness of strawberries.

Strawberry worms. 

If you are looking for a gross way of injecting some strawberry flavour into a dessert, look no further than Ben’s jelly worms. They look good on a plate with his chocolate mud cake recipe and ganache stones recipe as part of his dirt and worms dessert but can be equally as fun on a more conventional plate.

Did Ben go too far with this one? Let him know in the comments under the recipe! 


If you'd like to print a cookbook please email us.

That's it for now, stay safe and happy cooking!

Richard Rodriguez

Community Manager