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Small Independent Food Businesses To Support

A list of independently owned food and drink businesses you should try, tried and tested by me.

Granola Kitchen

For all those soft granola lovers out there: this one’s for you. Unlike most granolas on the market, this one is super soft and mouthwateringly addictive! The undertones of cinnamon works so well with the raisin and granola mix. This granola tastes so good with a selection of fresh fruits and yoghurt or just by itself as a snack! This one is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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Grazed Brownies

These deliciously gooey brownies can be sent to a loved one to cheer them up during lockdown or to spoil yourself. They have a fantastic selection of flavours, from rocky road to cookie dough blondies. Grazed Brownies are super good value and I’d recommend them to anyone who loves a gooey, delectable brownie.

Here's their website for more information:

Hesperian Fish, Frome

A sustainable fishmongers and kitchen in Frome. They sell the freshest fish and seafood. I bought some mussels from here for my moules frites and they were beautifully fresh and tender. They also serve food in their kitchen and do takeaways‑ their menu is innovative and exciting. The service is always super welcoming and friendly and I always look forward to my visits here.

New York Deli, Cardiff

One for my Cardiff readers. I discovered New York Deli when I was a student in Cardiff and their generously stuffed sandwiches kept me going throughout my degree and the hangovers. My go to is the New York hoagie: a sub packed full with pastrami, swiss cheese, gerkins, coleslaw, thousand island dressing, salad and cracked black pepper. They aren’t stingy on the fillings‑ this is a place to go if you’re hungry. The American deli decor and friendly atmosphere make the whole experience a 10/10.

Tailor Bake

Another dessert delivery because I have a massive sweet tooth. Tailor Bake do a selection of gooey baked goods, all of which are prettily decorated. My favourites are the cookie pies: a soft cookie outer with a melty, delectable middle. Personally, I recommend the white chocolate and raspberry‑ when heated up in the microwave it has a raspberry jammy middle to die for! Delivery is super fast and you can include a handwritten message if you wanted to send this as a special gift for someone. Flavours below are: white chocolate and raspberry, sticky toffee, lotus biscuit, Terry’s chocolate orange and caramel peanut.

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