Subscriptions and Hellos!

Subscriptions and Hellos!


Figuring out how best to monetize your content can be difficult. We’re here to help! Let’s talk about subscriptions. 

Subscriptions are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for culinary influencers and content creators. Subscriptions enable you to earn a recurring income directly from your audience, without having to rely on unpredictable algorithms, unfriendly ads or on-and-off brand partnerships. 

Unsure of what subscription(s) you could offer? Not a problem! We’ll help you figure out what model to use, what to include, what to charge, and how best to promote your subscriptions to your audience. 

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This week, we would like to introduce you to our founder & CEO, Freddy May; not to be mistaken with the best rock band known to man, Queen. Although his name is very rock ‘n’ roll, he has no affiliation to any rock royalty. 

Freddy is a self-proclaimed tech geek, sourdough enthusiast and a passionate home cook. As a passionate cook, with a career in tech, he was hugely frustrated by hard-to-navigate culinary websites, peppered with intrusive and irrelevant advertising. He felt there had to be a much better way for chefs, cooks and all those who love food to be able to share their content, monetise their creativity, and have an enjoyable online experience. That’s how he came to create CooklyBookly.

To give you a little more insight into Freddy we have asked him a few questions....

Q: What is your go-to recipe time and time again and why?

A: I’m an omnivore but Zenaskitchen’s CHICKPEA, LENTIL AND SPINACH CURRY is something I turn to a lot. 

Q: Worst sourdough mishap?

A: There are too many to list. But what I will say is that I learnt more about sourdough from my mishaps than my successes.

Q: If you could cook for any celebrity chef who would it be?

A: Ricky Gervais, especially when in Golden Globes mode. Check him out on YouTube.

Q: What would be your death row meal?

A: If by some miracle I had an appetite, it would be 12 oysters chased down by the most expensive white burgundy the prison could afford.

And that ladies and gentlemen is Freddy May.


Sanj Singh is the king of all things spice! He’s a passionate foodie who loves to get creative in the kitchen, taking the much-loved classics and adding his own little twists!

Choosing which of Sanj’s recipes to showcase is difficult, as he has so many incredible ones! Gun to our head, here are our current favourites.

Vietnamese Pork Belly Bao 

Welcome to bao bun heaven with these soft and fluffy bao buns, stuffed with tender sticky pork belly packed full with Vietnamese flavour! The beautiful pork belly is marinated in soy sauce, fish sauce, hoisin, lemongrass paste, garlic, ginger, sugar and white pepper, before being roasted to rich and sticky perfection. The pork is sliced into thick slabs and garnished with roasted peanut crumb for crunch and texture, garlic sriracha, and sriracha mayo for a serious chilli kick.

Keema Naan

Restaurant-style lamb keema stuffed naans! These homemade keema naans are the real deal and, according to Sanj, are better than the local curry house. You can easily make these fresh naans at home without the need of a tandoor, by using a tawa pan (flat iron pan) or a hot oven!

Prawn Wontons in a Chilli Oil Dressing

Delicious wontons filled with juicy king prawns, aromatic spring onion, Chinese white pepper, garlic powder, chicken stock, cornflour (for a firm bounce), light soy sauce and sesame oil. 

Once cooked, the wontons are dressed in a mixture of soy sauce, Chinkiang black vinegar and chilli oil and finished with crispy garlic (unbelievable flavour), micro coriander and micro amaranth.


As you know we love seeing your beautiful recipes and sharing them on our Instagram feed.

Now that Instagram Reels are becoming even more popular we would love to start sharing yours on our page, as always, we will credit you.

If you would prefer that we didn't share your content please let us know by email.

That's it for now, stay safe and happy cooking!

Richard Rodriguez

Community Manager