Richard H. Turner's Braised Lamb Shoulder with Wet Polenta, Wild Garlic and Asparagus

Easter is just around the corner now and many of you are no doubt plotting and scheming activities for the extended break. Be it hopping up to the coast for the day or say, nipping off to the countryside for some camping. Before scurrying immediately back home because the heavens have decided to open up and someone forgot to pack the wellies and waterproofs.

Yes, the first Bank Holiday of the year does always come as a bit of gamble weatherwise. And you never are totally sure how it's going to pan out. Or who is going to get the blame for suggesting outdoor pursuits in the first place.

Of course, whatever you get up to, lamb must feature at some point in proceedings. Come rain or shine, at Easter, it must be done.

It's the rules, as it were.

So to tempt you, we've got a smasher of a recipe to share, by Mr Richard H. Turner himself. Using lamb shoulder on this occasion, this really is a great, no-nonsense approach. Balancing a combination of earthy and sweet flavours, with a decadent hit of umami and butter that comes from the wet polenta, this is the perfect meal to get all set up, before heading out for a walk on a Sunday morning.

Fingers crossed it will be shorts and flip flops weather. But if you do wander back through the door, with water dripping off your nose, this braised lamb will warm you up in no time at all.

Might be a good idea to get a few more bottles of Chianti in too.

Recipe: Richard H. Turner's Braised Lamb Shoulder with Wet Polenta, Wild Garlic and Asparagus

Richard H. Turner is an acclaimed restaurateur with an unwavering passion for food. James George is a man who knows and loves his trade – he’s a keen advocate of traditional cutting methods and butchery. Together, they formed Turner & George to bring back to the high street the same quality and consistency of meat found in Richard’s kitchens.
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