Breaking down a beef rump

by Tom Hill, Head Butcher at Turner & George

Here we show how a whole beef rump is broken down into individual cuts. At Turner & George, we often leave the rump in one piece and cut large steaks across all of the individual muscles. But sometimes, people want individual cuts such as

  • Rump Cap, also known as
  • Pavé
  • Prime rump steak
  • ... and a sinewy muscle that is great for stir frying or burgers


Watch the whole video in one go or jump to the part of the video you are interested.

  1. Cutting a large single steak from the whole rump
  2. Removing the external sinew
  3. Removing the rump cap (picanha)
  4. Removing the small sinewy muscle (great for stir-fries or burgers)
  5. Cutting off the prime rump steak from the Pavé (the most tender and flavourful part)
  6. Trimming up the prime rump steaks