Breaking down a beef rump

by Tom Hill, Head Butcher at Turner & George

Here we show how a whole beef rump is broken down into individual cuts. At Turner & George, we often leave the rump in one piece and cut large steaks across all of the individual muscles. But sometimes, people want individual cuts such as

  • Rump Cap, also known as
  • Pavé
  • Prime rump steak
  • ... and a sinewy muscle that is great for stir frying or burgers


Watch the whole video in one go or jump to the part of the video you are interested.

  1. Cutting a large single steak from the whole rump
  2. Removing the external sinew
  3. Removing the rump cap (picanha)
  4. Removing the small sinewy muscle (great for stir-fries or burgers)
  5. Cutting off the prime rump steak from the Pavé (the most tender and flavourful part)
  6. Trimming up the prime rump steaks

Richard H. Turner is an acclaimed restaurateur with an unwavering passion for food. James George is a man who knows and loves his trade – he’s a keen advocate of traditional cutting methods and butchery. Together, they formed Turner & George to bring back to the high street the same quality and consistency of meat found in Richard’s kitchens.
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