Deboning a chicken as a single piece

by Tom Hill, Head Butcher at Turner & George

Deboning a chicken is a real skill and it is one of those things that once you know how to do it, it actually becomes quite useful - you can even upscale the skill and debone a turkey in the same way for easy carving at Christmas.

Deboning literally involves removing every single bone from the chicken while leaving all the meat in one, single piece, held together by the skin.

You might want to debone a chicken so that ...

  • you can stuff it and tie it back up ready for roasting.
  • cook it quicker, this is especially useful on the BBQ
  • it takes on lots of flavour when you marinate it as there is a greater surface area of meat exposed
  • Or so it is simply easier to carve and serve.


You can watch the entire process in the video at the bottom of the page, or you can jump directly to a specific point of interest.

Important: one point to stress is the importance of not cutting through the skin inadvertently. If you do, the hole, or worse, the cut, will allow the stuffing to seep out. It will also look not as professional!

  1. Cut along the back and release the wings
  2. Release the wings
  3. Release the leg joints
  4. Releasing the breasts
  5. Removing the rib cage
  6. A quick chat once the cage is removed
  7. Removing the wings (which are not worth boning)
  8. Boning out the legs
  9. Boning out the drumettes
  10. All done!