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Twisted Prawn Cocktail in Crisp Baskets

30 minutes
30 minutes

Who doesn’t love a prawn cocktail?  Always a quintessential favourite for a dinner party when I was growing up… but we just don’t see it much anymore, right?…. Just try kicking it up a notch to make it exciting and this will become your next dinner party show stopper!

In my twisted version I’ve used XL succulent king prawns with a  cocktail sauce made from the classic mayo and ketchup combo along with Worcestershire sauce for umami, orange juice for a touch of sweetness, creamed horseradish for the tang, a dash of pernod, fresh dill and some Tabasco for spice.  I combined the mixture with crunchy bean sprouts and served it inside a crispy basket made from spring roll wrappers…. The perfect appetiser if I do say so myself! 

Now… who wants to try this one??

  1. Heat a large deep wok with cooking oil
  2. Place two spring roll wrappers together with the corners not matched, in a crisp cross shape
  3. Lower the wrappers into the oil once hot and immediately push down in the centre with the back of a small ladle to form a basket shape
  4. Once crisp, remove and drain on kitchen towels, set aside
  5. Wash and tail the beansprouts, drain and set aside to dry
  6. In a saucepan on medium high heat with a little oil, sauté the prawns for a couple of minutes until the colour changes to pinkish and they are cooked through
  7. In a bowl combine all the remaining ingredients to form the cocktail sauce
  8. Add the prawns and the beansprouts to the cocktail sauce and combine well
  9. Spoon the mixture equally into the 4 crispy baskets 
  10. Garnish with micro herbs
  11. Serve immediately and enjoy!