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Masala Sauce

This sauce is a winner. The basic recipe works, however you can add more depth to it at any time. Its perfect for Tikka Masala or Chana Masala at any day.


1)In a pot oven medium heat, heat the butter. Add onions & fry until the onions are golden brown at the edges.

2) Add in the garlic, ginger & chilli, garam masala. turmeric, chilli powder & coriander.. Cook until the spices are all aromatic & smell good. About 1 minute. Reduce heat & stir frequently so that the spices do not burn.

3) Add in your tomatoes, incorporate with the spices. Cover & let it simmer for 10minutes or more..Add a bit of water if necessary(Also to avoid burning). 

because of all the spices the sauce will look redish/brownish don’t stress*

4) Remove from heat & pour the sauce into a blender/ food processor. Blend until smooth. Then pour it back into the pot. Add in your yoghurt & stir until the sauce looks smooth & the yoghurt is mixed through.

*At this time your sauce will look orange-ish/yet still redish.

5) Cover & let it simmer for 5minutes or so.

Serve with some Naan