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10 minutes
10 minutes


Ingredients checklist

Mutti Polpa Bruschetta

Polpa... This is the product that started my love for Mutti and is an essential in my kitchen at all times. This family business has been specialising in tomato products for over 120 years, their values are based on quality, sustainability, and respect… 3 things I think we could all put into our daily life, no? The Polpa has a fresh flavour and a unique rich texture, as it is chopped especially fine for a consistent abundance of tomato pieces in every bite. The fresh flavour of summer Italian tomatoes and can even be used straight from the tin for example on bruschetta. 

1.    Place the Polpa Tomatoes in a bowl and add the bunch of basil whole to infuse the tomatoes 

2.    Brush the bread on both sides with olive oil and toast in a pan until golden brown on both sides. Gently Rub the toast with fresh garlic

3.    Add the tomatoes onto the toasted bread

4.    Add fresh sea salt

5.    And another drizzle of extra virgin oil