Scotch Eggs
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Crispy Lamb Keema Scotch Egg

40 minutes
2 hours

Absolutely EGGSQUISITE... here’s a twist on tradition for you with my Indian lamb keema scotch eggs.. mouth-wateringly delicious, the perfectly gooey soft boiled egg encased in spicy minced lamb keema with a crispy panko breadcrumb outer coating... these were just scrumptious!!!

I fully cooked the keema before making these so if you have leftover keema give these a try... they won’t disappoint.. such a perfect appetiser or picnic snack.  I drizzled them with Linghams garlic chilli sauce @linghamsuk before devouring.. 😋


  1. Blitz the spring onions, coriander, mint and green chilli in the food processor, set aside
  2. Heat oil in a saucepan over medium heat, add the onion and sauté until soft but not browned
  3. Add ginger and garlic and bay leaves, cook for a further 2 minutes, add ground coriander and continue to cook for 2 minutes
  4. Add the yogurt and sauté for another couple of minutes until the yogurt starts to separate 
  5. Add the lamb, salt and bay leaves, mix well and continue to cook for a few more minutes 
  6. Add the blitzed paste, turn the heat to a simmer and cook for another 10-15 minutes
  7. Turn off the heat and leave to cool, then refrigerate for 1 hour
  8. After an hour, place 6 of the eggs in boiling water for 2 minutes to create a soft, runny egg, then refresh in iced water and once cooled, carefully peel
  9. If a firmer egg is preferred then cook the eggs for 4 minutes
  10. Once the lamb mix is fully cooled, divide it into 6 portions
  11. Press one portion of the lamb flat between 2 pieces of cling film to form a thin round sheet of the lamb mixture
  12. Carefully wrap each egg in the mixture, packing the eggs solid and ensuring that there are no air pockets
  13. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to firm up the mince
  14. In separate containers, lay out the flour, 2 beaten eggs and the panko breadcrumbs seasoned with the garlic powder, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper
  15. Place each mince-wrapped egg into the flour and lightly coat it all over
  16. Dust off any excess flour then place into the egg mix, rolling to cover
  17. Remove any excess then finally roll in the breadcrumbs, making sure it is well and evenly coated
  18. Deep fry in vegetable or sunflower oil heated to 190 degrees until golden brown and crispy
  19. Drain on a wire rack for a couple of minutes
  20. Season with a little more sea salt and serve straight away
  21. Enjoy!