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Paprika Prawn and Chorizo Risotto

My ‘a Spanish-man met an Italian-man in a bar ’ take on risotto. This is a rich and salty dish with a spicy twist that will leave you going back to the saucepan for seconds!

15 minutes
1 hour


Ingredients checklist

Step  #1:

Dice the onion into small chunks and fry until light brown. Then add the chopped garlic and thinly sliced chilli. Allow the mix to gently cook for 5 minutes.

Step  #2:

Add the risotto rice and half of the stock to the pot. Stir so all the rice is covered in the stock. The key to making a good risotto is to keep feeding the rice with liquid and stirring it continuously so the rice does not stick to the pan. After 5 minutes, once the rice has absorbed all the stock, add the rest and continue to stir for 10 minutes.

Step  #3:

The rice should have now absorbed most of the stock. Add half of the passata and keep stirring. After roughly 5 minutes, once this has boiled down, add the rest of the passata and the chopped tomatoes. The rice should be becoming softer as it absorbs all this liquid so don't be afraid to keep feeding it. Keep stirring for 10 minutes.

Step  #4:

Once the passata has been absorbed, pour in a glug of red wine. This adds richness to your sauce!  Keep stirring your rice until the liquid boils away. If the rice is still hard, add more stock until the rice is soft to eat.

Step  #5:

Meanwhile, chop up the chorizo sausage into chunks and gently fry for 5 minutes. Once they are dark and glossy, pour them into the risotto mix. Stir the pan so chorizo is evenly distributed.

Step  #6:

In the same pan you used for the chorizo, fry the prawns with 1tsp of paprika (save the rest for later), 1tsp of garlic granules (save the rest for later) and 1 tsp of salt. When they are hot and pink, pour them into the risotto mix and distribute evenly.

Step  #6:

Once the risotto is soft to eat and all the liquid has been absorbed it is ready to be seasoned. Add the paprika, garlic granules, oregano, Italian herbs, dried parsley and chilli flakes and as much salt and pepper as you want. Stir and serve!