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5 minutes
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Ingredients checklist

Creamy 10 minute pasta

This pasta dish is so simple. Using minimal ingredients and taking barely any time to make your left with the most comforting and delicious plate of pasta!

1) Bring a pan of salted water to a boil. Once the water is boiling add the pasta.

2) While the pasta is cooking make the sauce, in a large bowl separate the yolks from the whites. Keep the whites for another day! Omelette ? Pavlova ? Soufflé ?

3) Add the grated Parmesan and lots of fresh black pepper, mix everything together until you have a thick paste.

4) Add the cooked pasta to the sauce and add a ladle of the pasta cooking water.

5) Mix everything until a beautiful, silky sauce is achieved.

6) Add more of the pasta water if your sauce is too thick.

7) Serve the pasta with more fresh Parmesan and lots more black pepper.