(Air) FRIED FISH Stakes (Air) FRIED FISH Stakes
Prep 15 minutes
Total 2 hours
US | Metric

(Air) FRIED FISH Stakes

An easy recipe for a simple Meal or to use the entire fish (on the bone), with awesome flavours from South India, using 'The Spice Angel Sambhar Masala'

'Fish Fry' is a spicy fish treat, popular in many parts of India. With complex spice and fresh flavours, any Fish Fry is an experience for your pallet. This recipe celebrates the cooking of Fish, the old school way, and on the bone. With robust flavours of 'The Spice Angel Sambhar Masala' , this is a winning dish for a quick meal or to Impress guests.

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  • 1.5 kg Salmon Stakes
  • Salt to Taste
  • 7 tsps ‘The Spice Angel Sambhar Masala’
  • 6 Garlic Pods (Grated)
  • 15 g Fresh Ginger (Grated)
  • 6 Fresh Curry Leaves
  • 2½ tbsps Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 5 tbsps Oil

  1. For Marination- Mix all ingredients (except Fish) together and make a marinade paste
  2. with ‘The Spice Angel Sambhar Masala’
  3. Coat the fish with the marinade, and keep it in a refrigerator for a couple of hours
  4. Cook the fish at 170 (Degree Centigrade) in an Air Frier followed by 200 Degrees Centigrade for another 4 mins OR Fry over a medium heat in a fry Pan
  5. Serve with some Chutney and Salad