Ingredients checklist
For the Steaks:
For the Salad:
For the Noodles:
For the Dressing:
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Asian Steak Salad

30 minutes
30 minutes

with Crispy Thai Spice Noodles

Thai flavours & fantastic crunchy textures make this one hell of a salad!

  • Add the Soy Sauce, Garlic & 7 Spice to a flat bottom dish, stir to combine then add the Steak & marinade for at least 4 hours.
  • When ready to eat, add an inch of Sunflower Oil to a saucepan & heat to 180C or until a piece of noodle instantly bubbles when added.
  • Dust the noodles with the Cornflour in a bowl then batch fry in the oil a handful at a time, cooking until they just turn golden. Drain on Kitchen Paper then add to a bowl & toss with the Salt, 7 Spice & as much White Pepper as you prefer.
  • Remove the Steaks from the Marinade, pour the remaining Marinade into a small pan, add all the other dressing ingredients, bring to a boil then turn down, reduce by half & remove from the heat.
  • Place all your Salad ingredients onto a plate or bowl.
  • Fry your Steak to your preference then rest & slice into strips.
  • Place the Steak on top of the Salad, top with Noodles and drizzles of the Dressing!
  • Enjoy!