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Oriental Beef Tartare Mini Sushi Cake

40 minutes
1 hour

Continuing my sushi cake series... this one is different from my previous ones as it’s made with raw beef and not fish, only the freshest fillet steak sandwiched between seasoned sushi rice topped with a quails egg yolk and finished with stunning edible flowers and micro herbs.

Sceptical about raw beef?? If you are a beef lover I guarantee you will fall in love... the beef is just melt in your mouth gorgeous and BURSTING WITH UMAMI! Mixed with chopped shallots and yuzu mustard for a hint of sharpness, sweetness from mirin, an earthy nuttiness from sesame, saltiness from soya and a subtle heat from the shichimi chilli pepper and wasabi mayo. When you add the quails egg yolk it’s just the most divine and heavenly combo which will tantalise your tastebuds and you’ll be begging for more!

  1. Place cooked hot sushi rice in a wooden bowl and season with sushi rice vinegar, soya sauce and the furikake, mix well and cover with a damp tea towel
  2. Place cut beef in a glass bowl with the remaining ingredients, taste and adjust seasonings to your preference, you can add some Sriracha for more spice
  3. Grease or brush the inside of the cooking ring and with a touch of sesame oil, grease your chopping board a little too so the cake can be easily removed
  4. Place the cooking ring on the greased board and fill 1/3 way up with the seasoned sushi rice, flatten the rice with the ring pusher
  5. Fill another 1/3 way up with some of the beef tartar and again flatten with the ring pusher
  6. Add more sushi rice to the cooking ring to fill it to the top and again flatten with the ring pusher
  7. Slowly move the cooking ring upwards add more beef tartare to the top, then remove the ring
  8. Make a little well in the centre of the top for the quails eggs yolk and carefully place the yolk in the middle of the beef tartare
  9. Add some micro herbs around the outside of the yolk and garnish with an edible flower, repeat the process with the other 3 cakes
  10. Serve and enjoy immediately!

**TIP - you can partially freeze the beef to make it easier to chop so fine.  No marination is necessary for the beef however if you do then do not marinate for longer than an hour or else the meat will discolour**