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Soy Bean Sheat Rolls

Soy bean sheat roll is a part of the dimsum family. It has a crunchy soft texture and can be filled with meat or vegetables. This recipe is with meat.

15 minutes
1 hour 15 minutes
Wastage Tips


  1. Place the mushrooms into a small bowl with water. Let this soak in for an hour. Then cut it into small pieces.
  2. Rinse the bacon claps. Cut this into smaller pieces. Place these into a food processor. Divide the batch in two. Blend it thoroughly with the Chinese mushrooms. Leave this aside for now.
  3. Rinse the carrot. Cut this into very small thin pieces. Add this to step two.
  4. Now add the salt, sugar and sesame oil to step two.
  5. Clean the soy bean sheat roll. Cut this into three pieces first. Now spread the meat filling onto it. Repeat this until the meat filling is finish.
  6. Take a pan and add the oil in. Let this warm up first. Than pan fry two sheets at a time. Repeat this step until all of them are fully cooked. It is good to eat when the texture has a golden color.
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