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Ndjua Crusted Cod

Perfect Family style meal

An impressive looking dish that will wow family and friends, fresh and fire and perfect for an autumnal dinner.

30 minutes
30 minutes
  1. in a largish bowl add half the Nudja, the bread crumbs and smoked parmesan in a bowl and squidge together in to a ball
  2. Now place between to pieces of Greaseproof paper and roll quire thin and place in the fridge.
  3. place the mushrooms in a bowl and cover with hot water
  4.  Sauté the carrot celery and onion until soft and not coloured in oil and butter add the crushed garlic season add the
  5. porcini mushrooms (chopped) reserve the water
  6.  add the tomatoes try not to stir to much as they need to keep their shape add the drained beans,  a little of the porcini in water if it’s too thick slowly simmer.
  7.  In a dry pan add the spinach until its wilted, squeeze and keep to one side
  8.  place a greaseproof disc into a sauté pan and add a nob of butter add the loins cook gently for a few mins
  9. Carefully turn them over. add the spinach mixture on top of the cod Cut the Ndjua crust
  10. to size and place gentle on the top of the spinach
  11.  Place in a hot oven to finish the cod and crust, cook the chicken skin at the same time