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Apple Crumble with a Twist

I just love apple crumble but I also love cheese and apple. I have seen cheese added to short crust pastry for an apple pie before and what's crumble but pastry with out the egg.

With a bit of added rosemary this has tweaked the humble crumble into so much more.

20 minutes
40 minutes
  1. Set oven to 165 Fan
  2. Rub the butter in the flour shimmy every now and then and all the big lumps will rise to the top so you can rub them in
  3. Try not to over work as a few Lumps of butter help the crumble texture
  4. Add the cheese and sugar and mix, when its all combined should look like a lumpy sand
  5. Cover with the crumble mix pat down but not to firmly as you need that crumble texture
  6. Place dish on a tray as it may bubble over and it to your hot oven for aprox 20 mins
  7. Cool slightly and serve with your favourite custard, cream or ice cream