The Mrs Kath Symes
Bon Appetit

40 something self-taught home cook from Manchester. I started cooking in 2011 for my husband and I, prior to then I was a dreadful cook and had no interest at all, you could say I was very late to the party, but I'm catching up!

My husband taught me the basics and from there I discovered my passion for cooking and have never looked back. Preparing and making home cooked foods is where my heart lies, I enjoy cooking a wide variety of cuisines, vegetarian dishes, hopefully there is something for everyone!

I'm a firm believer and my ethos has always been that to cook great food which contains as many fresh ingredients as possible does not require hours and hours in the kitchen, most of my dishes are easy to prepare and are on the table in 30-40 minutes.

I am also a keen food photographer and food stylist, as the saying goes, you eat with your eyes! I also enjoy creating snappy, easy to follow bite-size recipe videos.

In September 2019 I featured on the CH4 series of Cooking up a Fortune where I came a respectable second in our heat and most definitely cooked enough cod to feed a small army!

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